Hello, we made this just for you.

What is Driven-U?

Driven-U connects university students to local businesses so they can collaborate on small, project based gigs. Think of us as a mix between craigslist and LinkedIn. No more sketchy meetups with randoms. Students can gain exposure in their desired workforce, keep every project local, and build up a solid working resume while they go to school. No long-term commitments for students, and endless possibilities.

Enter Driven-U.

All a student needs to do is fill out their member profile, post their skill set or skillsets and local businesses will contact you when they need your help. If you’re awesome at something, Driven-U believes you should be recognized for it, even if it isn’t part of your major.

Finally have a free weekend where you don’t have to study for midterms? Want to make extra cash pursuing your passion? Stressed about graduating without a job lined up? Driven-U created this site for you.

Focused on University Students

Build a working resume, while you go to school

Experience is the most attractive attribute an employer can seek in a candidate.

Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40% of the job market will be made up of the ever-expanding gig-economy. Employers aren’t looking for a piece of paper verifying you went to class for 4 years, they want applicable experience!

Driven-U provides the distinct opportunity to do what you love, in your free time, while building a working-resume that will blow away any employer's expectations. When we say we created this site just for you, we really mean it.

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